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Testo Incubus

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
When our powerful structure creates sound The walls of the hall start coming down You're thrashing and slamming like there's no end The mob starts to get out of hand Distorted sound goes through your ears The pounding of the bass creates fear You stop and breathe when we slow down You have no chance 'cos our drummer's not fucking around Now you're gonna have this torment For the rest of your life No peace, No chance, No sleep day or night We're coming through your nughtmare you will see So be ready to meet the power of... [CHORUS] Incubus, Incubus [LEAD] [CHORUS] Incubus You are the victim, because you betray us You've got no place to hide You can't destroy us we'll crank the decibel high Our sound can never die! Die! Die! The mission's not over Preparing for your destruction We'll thrash you with all emotion You're running out of time There's nothing you can do We're taking your breath from you Nothing you can do, Take your breath from you We'll smash your skull Came from the word Only one word Came from the sound of Incubus.

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