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Laura Pausini nuovo giudice del talent show La Banda
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This songs about all the sellouts out there!
All the sellout Superheroes that don't even save the world anymore!
They only care about making money in Hollywood!
Captain Straight Edge will never sellout to Hollywood!

Superman made a movie

Spiderman made a movie

Hulk... Who's next?

Superhero Sellouts!

X-Men made a movie

Fantastic Four made a movie

Dare Devil... Who's next?

Superhero Sellouts!

Elektra made a movie

Blade made a movie

Punisher... Who's next?

Superhero Sellouts!

Spawn made a movie

Hellboy made a movie

Judge Dread... Who's next?

Superhero Sellouts!

Scarica la suoneria di Superhero Sellouts!
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