Smokin' & Rollin' Testo

Testo Smokin' & Rollin'

Chorus (uncredited): repeat 2X

Smokin'....and rollin'

Up in a ride that ain't even much paid for

And you can tell by the smell in my clothes what I've been doin'

And ain't no secret dogg the ghetto got me ruined lookin' for the hoes

[First Verse]

Tryin' to stack my chips and made a quick lick

Tryin' to hit a quick lick and stack chips for life,

you my bitch tonight

Go on and graze the head and try to raise the dead

And bring a nigga dick back to life

It's called sacrifice

Now girl do what you must

Tell me who do you trust with a dub set of your keys?

With a dub set of your keys now tell me who do you trust?

Go head and do what you must,

I had to bust your bubble, you ain't no better than these

And like the Vietnamese

I got the same eyes ready to ride for mine down to roll

I got a pound of goat, down to smoke it down

Sippin' a crown and coke

Tryin' to focus dogg, tryin' to focus dogg

Sippin' a crown and coke

Ready to ride for mine, lovin' the ghetto amen

Duckin' the federal pen

You fuck around with niggas down to level your chin

How many medals you win

For gettin' shot to death?

For gettin' shot to death, how many medals you win?

You fuck around with niggas down to level your chin

Duckin' the federal pen, lovin' the ghetto amen

Promisin' never to bend

Cuz I'm a soldier, told ya what the camp be like

Don't forget me Dogg and these bitch made niggas is behind me

Still tryin' to find me

Up in the midst of fog, I'm up against the wall, and still....



[Second Verse]

In the middle got a little bit more than I'm supposed to have

Lookin' for hoes to grab, I hit the club with the hen in my cup

A quarter pound of bud, I come around with thugs,

callin' my enemy bluff

You wanna pretend to be tough?

You wanna pretend to be tough? Callin' my enemy bluff

Even though a nigga bailin' with thugs, lookin' for hoes to grab

I'm runnin' game like a sociopath

I flash a lil' cash,

every now and then I can ask for them hoes to laugh

Nigga supposed to mash, I put the mack down

Put the mack down, nigga supposed to mash

And like a sociopath I run game, never go unchanged

Nigga know they hate to see me for some cash

Want me to flow so bad

I gotta watch my back

Cuz niggas plot to jack

And on the slick I gotta be up on my P's and Q's

Before you get up in the game, better read the blues

And what'cha need to do is take out and pay your dues

Because the paper stack'll get deep dogg,

but how deep the paper stack get?

When the gat spit, I can dump a many assassin

Duckin' when I blast

And came back with a plastic hip

Go on and pass the fifth

Of one fifty one, so I can sip me some

And get bent, tryin' to get bent sippin' a fifth of one fifty one

I gotta do what I got, to pay rent

I'm only fuckin' with bitches who got potential to grow

And eventually gross a lil' more than more than me

And if she eventually gross a lil' more than me

Then I'ma take the bitch and go home with me

Game consists of mix of more truth than lies

Come here superthighs, you got the cutest eyes

And on top of that, got a brand new Benz with the droopy eyes

And let's ride


[Third Verse]

How the fuck I'ma live life broke?

I gotta get my blazin' L raised in Hell with stripes

I gotta keep the mail tight and gel at night

For tryin' to smoke the green up and sell the white

Picture me rollin' again, soon as you lock me in

I'm on the stroll again, lookin' for hoes again

Up on the dude with the lake

Get the herb and herb

My nigga pull to the curb to get the blue and the papes

Go get the blue and the papes

You better pull to the curb, and get the herb and herb

So we can blaze a sack

And try to fade the black

And I ain't paid to act

You gotta face the fact that I was made to mack

And I ain't afraid to ask

To get my back rubbed in the Black lacka tub

Gettin' head and all

Gettin' head and all

In a black lacka tub, with a fat sack of bud, drinkin' a red dog

I'm in the ghetto forever,

I'm tryin' to make the loot and still shake the troops

Tryin' to shake the troops and still make the loot

With a lil' taste of brew and a whole case of gooch

Ready to face the truth with a whole case of gooch

And a taste of brew, bout to bend the block and get blowed tonight

My nigga, show ya right

For life, is what the Camp Soldiers like

If you ready to ride, let's roll

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