She Says Testo

Testo She Says

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
He says "I've wasted my life,
All seventeen years of a life,
On just one girl",
He says "It's over. It's over."
He's lying in the clover,
And there's nothing left for him in this world

Do you ever dream?
Do you ever believe?
But all the stupid people are frightened of the rain,
Your mother hanging laundry up always looks the same

She says "I've wasted my time,
On boys with one thing on their mind,
That is not love",
She says "It's over. It's over."
She tugs on her pullover,
But no answer comes from the sky above

Are you ever at home?
Are you afraid to be alone?
But all your so-called friends have now got better things to do,
You're feeling sort of scared about the things you thought you knew

And I can't wait to go home,
To find that nobody bothered to phone,
Nobody bothered to phone,
Nobody bothered to phone
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