Let's Take It Back Testo

Testo Let's Take It Back

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Yeah... what's the deal?
Y'all know what this is... it's Big Nasty
Get ready for my nigga Dilla... holla!

[J Dilla:]
I had a dream 'bout my man last night
And his name is - Frank-N-Bank, that's what's up
The Roots crew, that's what's up
Busta Bus, that's what's up
Pete and C.L., that's what's up
Dejour, that's what's up
My niggaz keep it ghe-tto with the plastic cups
It's the return, so turn it up
It's gettin hot in hurr, we burnin up
Let's go; yup, another episode
Fucked up lettin Dill' get in the do'
I'm lettin you know, I'm like The Professional
Makin my hits, collectin my dough
I'm so extra, so next to blow
So fly get pest control
No joke when it comes to the flow
It's nasty, couldn't touch it with a 100 foot pole
I stay hustlin Joe; I'm Errol Flynn
And out in Berlin countin bundles of Cho
You gotta love it dawg, you can't beat it
Get your bitch, she all on Jay Dee dick
Cause that's what's up
My niggaz keep it ghe-tto with the plastic cups
Real ghe-tto with the plastic cups
Keep it ghe-tto with the plastic cups

Y'all niggaz know y'all outta there
C'mon with the real (it's all live)
{Live with it} ("Welcome to the D baby! ")
(Let's take it baaaaaack)
Come with it, yeah (let's do it again)
Let's do it ("Right now, for the rough rugged and raw way
This nigga gets the game but he don't play - Detroit")
(Let's take it baaaaaack)
Who got your city on lock?
("Nasty ain't it~? ")

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