Brang Tha Beef Testo

Testo Brang Tha Beef

Incidente in Thailandia, gravissima la cantante di Disney Channel
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Hold up nigga wut u say?im murkin niggaz like childs play,
catch tha paint(ok)stick his ass like a sting ray,
want tha beef nigga here i come,
beat a nigga like a bass drum,
drop me bro nu-uh,
chestize his ass and collapse his lungs,
rock a nigga leave his head hurtin,
come up out tha shirt and imma anotha person,
like a transformer when he start convertin and imma wet his ass like a shower curtin,
ampted up hoppin out tha car and im earth bendin like tha avatar,
brang tha beef imma start a war and rewind yo head like a vcr,
cause im wired rockin niggaz grillz,
im so outta control i need some a.d.d. pillz,
you dont want it oh no,
cause i will snatch yo head off and dats on duece*8*4!!!

Scarica la suoneria di Brang Tha Beef!
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