YoYo Testo

Testo YoYo

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[feat. Iyaz]

You like my yoyo
Got you wrapped around my finger
Girl can't let you go
Baby girl you're a keeper
You're be coming back with me
You're be coming back when you go
Just like my yoyo

Your face is a blessing
Body impressing
Smell good perfume
Party essence
I'll think...
Look how tight is your dress
Never handcuff so they can't offence this
You... so possessive
You're shining
Like my white golden necklace
... I can be your hero
If you need a protector
Come play with me
I can have more girls...
But you're the one I choose cause you're loving me better
No matter what it is
You're the one I'll be there for
The day I don't see you
I'll be...


I like the way you're looking in that photo girl
Got you wrapped around my finger, you're my yoyo girl
Straight heads you big...
Big accessories with your big... pearls
Whatever you want shorty just say a word
You got my head spinning like a disco...
You are a keeper
Other girls want to be you
You know the situation
I just want it to meet you
I'm glad that we meet too
You're somebody special
With me I guarantee you're never be regretful
You ain't got to worry about me being disrespectful
You can be whatever you want I will still accept you
Whenever you leave I know you're gonna come right back to me
... jewel on the balcony
We're moving... we can go out
I will show you how much I miss you...


Sex me tease me
Shorty I know you want to please me
What you know about a Californian
Hair done nails done
Take it easy

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