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Testo Santa Gimme

Inserito il 20 Aprile 2011
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I don't wanna stocking full of socks,
I don't wanna message in a box,
I don't wanna candy cane necklace,
Maybe just a Southern Bell from Texas.
I don't wanna present wrapped in gold,
I don't wanna dress up for the cold,
I don't wanna feel the fire burning,
I just want a feisty girl from Jersey.
Yeah, Yeah.

Oh Santa I don't wanna toy on Christmas Day,
Oh Santa I don't wanna bike outside to play,
Oh Santa I don't wanna bunch of mistletoe,
All I want for Christmas Santa
Is some Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho's
Santa Gimme Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho's
Santa Gimme Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho's
Santa Gimme Ho's on Christmas Day.

Hey Oh, Hey Oh [x4]

I don't wanna decorate the tree,
I don't wanna sit and watch t.v,
I don't wanna sing about Noel,
I just wanna party in a hotel.
I don't wanna walk around the mall,
I don't wanna look at the snow fall,
I don't wanna present I'll get bored of,
I just wanna sext girl from Florida.
Oh yeah, yeah.


Now all the ladies lovin Santa Clause,
Let's have an after party tonight,
All the fun this really could be,
If you would only see,
That you should get what you want for Christmas.
I don't wanna write it on a list,
I don't want it just to be a wish,
I just wanna pull up in a Limo,
With some surfer chicks from Sacremento.
Oh, Oh, Oh.


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