Can I Get A Testo

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Testo Can I Get A

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
[Jay-Z] What? Well fuck you... bitch Bounce wit me, wit me, wit me wit meCan you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, wit me wit meCan you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ge-gi-gi-gi-gi-giCan you bounce wit me, bounce wit me, ye-ye-yeah Uh-huh uh-huh bounce wit me, bounce wit meCan ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit meYa-yah-yah, ya-ya-yah-yeah bounce wit me, bounce wit meGe-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah bounce wit me, bounce wit meGet it![Jay-Z]Can I hit in the MORNINGwithout givin you half of my doughAnd even worse if I was broke would you WANT ME?If I couldn't get you finer thingslike all of them diamond rings bitches KILL FOR would you STILL ROLL?If we couldn't see the sun risin off the shore of Thailandwould you RIDE THEN, if I wasn't DROPPIN?If I wasn't ah, eight figure nigga by the name of Jigga would you come around me or would you clown me?If I couldn't flow futuristic would yaput your two lips on my wood and kiss it - could yasee yourself with a nigga workin harder than 9 to 5contend with six, two jobs to survive, ordo you need a BALLA? So you can shop and tear the MALL UP?Brag, tell your friends what I BOUGHT YAIf you couldn't see yourself with a nigga when his dough is lowBaby girl, if this is so, yo.. [Chorus x2][Jay-Z]Can I get a I get a FUCK YOUto these bitches from all of my niggazwho don't love hoes, they get no dough[Amil]Can I get a WOOP WOOPto these niggaz from all of my bitcheswho don't got love for niggaz without thugs?[Amil]Now can you bounce wit me, uhh[Jay-Z]Bounce wit me, bounce wit meCan ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me[Amil]Uh uh.. Major Coins, Amil-lion[Jay-Z]Bounce wit me, bounce wit me[Amil]Uhh, yo bounce wit me[Jay-Z]Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me[Amil]Yeah, uh-uh uh uh [Amil-lion]You ain't gotta be rich but FUCK THATHow we gonna get around your BUS PASSFo' I put this pussy on your mustacheCan you AFFORD ME, my niggaz breadwinners, never cornyAmbition makes me, so hornyNot the fussin and the frontinIf you got nuttin, baby boy, you betta"Git Up, Git Out and get somethin" Shit!I like a, lot of P-rada, Alize and VodkaLate nights, candlelight, then I tear the cock upGet it up I put it down erytime it pop up, huhI got to snap em, let it loose, then I knock yaFeel the juice, then I got ya, when you produce a rockaI let you meet momma and introduce you to poppaMy, coochie remains in a Gucci nameNever test my patience nigga, I'm high maintenanceHIGH CLASS, if you ain't rollin, bypassIf you ain't holdin, I dash yo [Chorus] [Jay-Z]Now can you bounce for me, bounce for me[Ja]Uhh[Jay-Z]Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me[Ja]Uhh![Jay-Z]Gi-gi-gi-geyeah-geyeah[Jay-Z]Can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me[Ja]UHH![Jay-Z]Gi-gi-gi-gi can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me[Ja]Uhh! Yeah [Ja Rule]It ain't even a questionhow my dough flows, I'm good to these bad hoesLike my bush wet and undry like damp clothesWhat y'all niggaz don't know, it's eazy, to pimp a hoeBitches betta have my, money fo' sho'Before they go, runnin they mouth, promotin halfI be dickin they, back out, go 'head, let it outI fucks with my gat out, bounce and leave a hundredMakin em feel, slutted even if they don't want itIt's been SO LONGsince I met a chick ain't on my tips but then I'mDEAD WRONG, when I tell em BE GONESo HOLD ON to the feelin of flossin and platinumcause from NOW ON, you can witness Ja the I-CONwith hoodies and TIMBS ON, cause I thugs my bitchesVeVe, studs my bitches, then we rob bitch niggazI'm talkin bout straight figures if you here, you wit usIf not Boo, you know what, I still fucked you [Chorus] [Jay-Z]Now can you bounce wit me, bounce wit meGe-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi bounce wit me, bounce wit meWit me wit me wit me bounce wit me, bounce wit meBounce, bitch, bounce.. wit me wit me wit me wit meCan ya bounce wit me wit meGe-gi, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huhUh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uhCan ya bounce wit me bounce wit meGeyeah

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