Last Of The Mohicans Testo

Testo Last Of The Mohicans

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
yeah, yeah, last of the
Mohicans man, u'll neva take me alive, da heck if u shot at somebody, somebody already did!

[verse 1]
I'm here to put u out ya pressure like nobody eva, cuz everytime I shoot nothin befo and betta, and dem slugz get heavy, u'll wait anyday fella, cuz
wit murda range, u gonna need umbrellaz, kevlar and a whole lotta gun runnaz,u hot dawg niggaz, hide ya rellaz, ain't shit to tell us, I keep da army, and
dey stayed armed, guess dey to fuck around me, unless u're desires lead u to touch da dream, I'm being back to da back, EG onda jeans, if u brought it to
da left den u can see how it leans, dis thang is like an airplane ya park inda streets, mean and so vicious, call me young, all da wishes cuz I wish for
it all, beg da lord for forgiveness, cuz I sin I'm a sinner, but I win, I'm a winner, I'm runnin da marathon and yall niggaz is sprintaz, I exercise on
(??) and massage ma fingaz, I'm lookin forward to bangin out, start to finish, give me a minute, let me explain why most niggaz is chillin, dey runnin
round wit good bodies and no hearts in em, dey get it easy fo a nigga to git em, expose em, witness rule to chosin, man ya spit it to cornaz, load up its
ten shots, tell yall niggaz to hold dis, I'm a godsend, niggaz betta act like dey know dis, mothafucka!

[chorus (blackchild)]
yo game ain't nuttin but smoke and mirrorz, yall clowns can't be serious, many have tried but yall can't kill us, we still live in dis real vivit wit
real niggaz, nigga!
yo game ain't nuttin but smoke and mirrorz, we neva scared I hope all yall hear us, many have tried but yall can't kill us, we still live in dis real
vivit we kill killaz!

[Verse 2]
da world is blind so now I gots to spit it in brail, dat raw cooked up flow, u can put him to scales, so if u hit, u start down, can't nobody tell, its
just an overdosed injection (??), vroum, when I come thru can't nobody move it, man I'm exclusive, got solutions every tuesday, excuse me, bitch! I'm one
of a kind, when I die study ma mind if u can design, now I'm inclined people say dat I'm a ahead of ma time, who eva said dat dey must have had dey nose
on da line, I'm not even inma prime yet, I'm better on, in dis mothafuckin rap shit, wat religion u practice, physical baptist or catholic, I can't really
say I'm religious, and to dat I'm a witness, but I'm spiritual dats why I keep da lord inda picture, 4O (??) sippa, 40 alive wit niggaz, dat wanted u
buried in cemetaries next to da beaches, and get brong, and bricks tied to delemrongs, to (??) plays his chest and niggaz is bombs, yall da first peices
we take off to bomb da cars, I'm da king, dats da queenz, and den its da whole regime, betta known as da teens, shout to ma nigga breems, ain't nuttin
illegal bout keepin ya cash clean, when ya sellin millions of records, ya seein some G's, mothafucka!


yeah, u know, huh, wat yall don't know, deres nuttin real about these niggaz in dis game, dis is it, murda inc nigga, u lookin at em, da realest
mothafuckin niggaz inda game, u starin at em, ain't no need to look nowhere else, its murda niggaz, holla, we ridin, u know, come on niggaz, its danga,
its danga, waddup to ma nigga murce, Big Caddy, ma nigga blackchild, rest in peace,to yall mothafuckin soldier up in heaven my nigga, VL Cannon, Duke
Cannons, we see u nigga, we luv u nigga, we gon party, we gon have sum fun, we gon ride dis mothafucka out, its murda, realtalk nigga, we inda buildin!

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