Where Da Paper At Testo

Testo Where Da Paper At

[Cha Cha]Hey yo, you niggaz wasn?t expecting meJump out the S.E. wit BetsyAnd any one of you broadz dat test meNow lets see if I can keep it heated, when I spit it, Where da paper atRun it, told you I gotta get itCuz I?ll run thru yo neighborhoodJust to find yo addressAnd make you give up everything you got from under your mattressHalf you broadz is hectic, dealin with the realest The reason why they got you in this roomWithout no witness and I?m runnin thru this business, no matter who it beSo this whole industry better get cool with meCause see, these men adore meThis light skin, manicured, this paperHand it to her, don?t make me get Sandy do itMandatory and they hate that the reason why I chase thatToo late cuz I?m gon get thatAin?t nuttin but a 8 stack, and ain?t no getttin away from that, baby boy, I?m takin thatAin?t no sense in statin that (one more time)WHERE DA PAPER AT?[Memphis Bleek]If the war?s on, get it on my niggaYou gon form the law once the four bark, niggaPlus the crack you sell won?t match yo bellYou a fifty ride supa, duke, relax and chillYo I know the street, plus I roll with the heatBleek wrap niggaz, clap niggazGo against the fleetIf you a poster don, how a nigga can?t eatI live ya four plus three feet deepYou villinager ass niggaz got one shot the fuck upFinish no album, you done fucked upGet missin, get yo own shit twisted, get felt unidentified, nigga I ain?t bullshittinThe streets is mine and I?m on a paper chaseCaked up wit workBR> Label me a heavyweightI?m knee deep in crack, keep the gatSit low in the acc, where dat paper at?[Black Child]Where Da Paper At?Is it in this rap shit?Do I gotta kidnapPeel out and gat slap a bitch?At one point or another I chose to do sticksI couldn?t even go for hitin hoez with this dickIf I thro you a brick, roll they ballz to nipsWhen I ask where my paper at? Have my chipzIf you don?t have half my shit, have half this clipDassit, unless you gon pass yo bitchI?m into pimpin murderin and credit card skamsWhen I was sellin cokeI wanted a hundred a grandYou want a niggaz smokeI want a hundred and fifty grandI gotta feed my fam, fuck goin hand in handAnd my kidz is gon have what I ain?t haveLike cash that they stashin and bubblez in they bathIf you blast, then we blast firstFor the dinero, we leavin niggaz in the dirt[Berreta]Now how notorious is criminals in Bejing?Been on the run for indictments since 18Beyond the world seen, corookin, seen the world tookenIt?s mad how I shook u out the game like hey, gimmie the cashOr I let this glock pop like propaneI touch niggaz from any rangeLeavin them wetI got dogz that tap and invest on the internetGet a vet witout a dog, then sell 4000 gatzMuthafuckaz don?t undertand what this industry is all aboutFuck that shit niggaz is crazyGot our blocks open for monthsThere ain?t no way to hide bitchWhere da paperY?all hoez done ran out of town bitchYou better have a mil now Or I toss yo wigTurn yo species to allices, now here wintness, real niggaz do real crimesWit black piecesMy game is at it?s deepest and I?m rhymin tightConsecutive low rider, pushin 1.5Be a part or be a victimMe an yo objective is the sameBut me I?m gettin emLike time is money, nigga, you aint realizinThat every exchange that I cook is in the pieinAny market up in the street I?m downisizinIt?s all dead in the ear like I?m prizinWhat....[Throw Down]Respect the compition my game is conI?m rappin all them niggaz upD ismantlin them in the pondY?all broadz wanna touch the devilFuck a Beanie SeagThat bitch I slit his trhoatMoney addictionThat shit done got me goin around like money listinAt hand is what?s gon get you and yo man missinSee the morgueGive you more of the c-4 under the transmissonWatch him blow for he hit the groundAnd garanteed if I miss you my man?ll get youAnd fuck who standin wit you when he can he hit youCause me and Ja hittin them shit that you were scared to doWit me and Ja runnin yo shitGo shit yop pantz u doIt?s too late for that?You gon stay for that?Trust me you gon pay for thatNigga where da paper at?[Ja Rule]Come onCome onJa...the Fallen angel...in the world of lightsI?m the true so take notice to New York?s FinestY?all gon remember me wit Alzheimers, the unforgettableThug, slash, political, nigga, slash spiritalNot the typical, average mind you?re used toMentality crucail, bitches get it tooI?m not hearing you, question is, do you hear me?If not let me introduce y?all to nine MillyIt?s a damn shame the game you played you lostGotta kill a nigga on that same line you crossedWit that line he?ll keep his fingers crossedI can?t call it, I wasn?t the one you wanted to go to war witAnd every night I drink about it, baby, I?m turnin alkoholicGotta shop?, Call it ????Somebody died for the paper? Not you and I?Nigga and you stay scared, I see it in yo eyez...Uh .....

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