Esuchame (Listen To Me) Testo

Testo Esuchame (Listen To Me)

You in the mirror I've been spying on you I see a girl, whose world is broken in two I get the picture That you grew up too fast You've got your dreams, it seems And more than you asked Oo you're fading Oo you're wearing thin Oo you're breaking Chorus: Escuchame - Let me save you some pain Escuchame - I will show you the way Mirame - You will be me someday Baby don't make the same mistakes...Escuchame I've got a secret That'll carry you through There is a God who loves To look after you Hey little sister Don't worry no more Just come with me, you see I've been there before Oo the heartbreaks Oo the lessons learned Oo I know what it takes Repeat chorus Bridge: Words of wisdom Can you hear them? Repeat chorus

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