Guilt Testo

Testo Guilt

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I've given it my best shot
With everything that i've got
And still i feel i'm falling short again
I whistle while i'm working
Pretend that i'm not hurting
But deep inside i'm hiding all the pain
The more i try
The more i live a lie

It was love that saved me
You amaze me
But i was never too far from your reach
Yesterday can't hold me
You took control of me
Conviction's overturned and i am pure
And i'm not guilty any more

I feel your hand of mercy
Heal everything that's hurting
Your words so sweet cut right through my defense
You were always waiting for me
But i could never just see
If i lose myself i'll find my way to you

I know i
Don't wanna live a lie.
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