Just A Prayer Testo

Testo Just A Prayer

Tears that fell like rain
streamed down from my heart
colors turned to gray
emptiness led the way
until i fell apart
You came to save
to show me that
you're just a prayer away
no matter where i am
i know in my heart
you're never too far
when i'm losing my way
you're just a prayer away
my strength is in my faith
i'm never alone
i'm never afraid
cause you're just a prayer away
When i close my eyes
lord, i call your name
and the dark subsides
nothing can take the place
of the peace i find
You came to save me
to show me that
Repeat chorus
whenever i ened to fine you
i just fall on my knees
in you i find the strength that i need
to live , to believe
Repeat chorus
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