Sweet Surrender Testo

Testo Sweet Surrender

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
It's not a mysterious wind
and it's not the thunder rollin' in
it's a spirit that i feel within that's callin'
i understand but i can't explain
now i see love in a different way
and with a single leap of faith i'm fallin'
Into your lovin' arms
showing no resistance
there's a peace that flows over me
sweet surrender
love me tender
you have captured my desiring heart -- completely
sweet surrender
yours forever
i will gladly give my all to you -- receive me
oh lord, i am ever yours
Your love offers no escape
but i don't feel the need to run away
my heart has found a place to stay -- here with you
nothing else could satisfy
the deep void that i had inside
from all the worldly battles i have lived through
Now here in your loving arms
i have gone the distance
i will rest my soul in your embrace
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