We Can Make A Difference Testo

Testo We Can Make A Difference

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
We live in a dream
if we really think
everything's alright
This world is in need
crying out to be freed
we gotta shed some light
Teach the world to smile
and hear angels sing
feel the breath of god
and the power it brings
it's time to come together, you and i
and share the love of jesus christ
we can make a difference
we can make a change
we can make the world a better place
we can make a difference
we can make a change
we can make the sun shine through the rain
(shine on through the rain)
Do you know a man
who's needing a hand?
don't ya wall on by
A sister is sad
lost all that she had
we gotta take the time
Look around the world
it will testify
some have empty hearts
some have hungry eyes
god can heal the suffering through our hands
find compassion, take a stand
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