With All My Soul Testo

Testo With All My Soul

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Beneath bright stars
Where children seek in a world gone crazy
Reveal your scars (when)
My flesh is weak and my mind is hazy
The breath I breathe
Is mine to hold only for a moment
I need to believe in
Divine control, eternal flowing

I'm lifting up my hands
I'm opening my heart
I'm trusting You with all my soul

I'm giving up
I'm letting go
'Cause I need You to take control
I'm giving up
I'm letting go
I'm trusting You with all my soul
With all my soul

From dusk to dawn
The sun still shines on devout pretenders
That girl is gone
Lord touch my eyes I will surrender
When skies are dark
My spirit cries for Your love only
Reveal Your heart
Please show me the light dear God most holy

I'm reaching for the truth
I'm opening up my eyes
I'm trusting You with all my soul


If I let go of it all
I need You to break my fall
Like a faithful child
I'm calling out to You
I'm reaching out for You

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