Your Friend Testo

Testo Your Friend

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
If the wind will blow
I will hold you hand
When the sun wont shine,
I will never fade away
When the tears appear
To wip away you smile
Dont be afraid, Ill be here

I will be your friend, who will always care
Ill be the first to catch you if ever you should fall
And hold you in my arms.
I will be your friend
If you lose your place
In lifes crazy race
You can make it through
Cause I will run with you
Well always pray and
Believe in our hearts
That God will be here by our side


God knows our imperfections
And he loves us anyway
A closer friend than I could ever be
But a little piece of heaven
I will do my best to bring
Youll never have to search again


I will be your friend, one who will always care
Ill be a little closer when you feel so far away
And hold you in my arms
I will be your friend
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