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Testo Yeah Yeah Yeah

I bought you a gift: it's a picture frame for my face when you decide to place me in the past (because nothing lasts). I won't talk or move; I'll fit well upon a bookshelf, and when I look at myself, I'll disappear. There's nothing there to see me. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I knew it all along, I knew it from the very start. I felt it in my heart if there's even one to feel. I sing into a machine, and you hear me over a speaker. That's how we were in her room, a distant sun. She's taking off her clothes. I hear echoes of your breathing. I am cheating on myself. Oh what a path to guide me! And you're always on my mind, but I never mind the space that you take up in my veins. Oh I'll take you any way I can, because day by day we'll fade away

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