In Between Dreams Medley Testo

Testo In Between Dreams Medley

Das Medley wurde auf der IBD Tour und auf der Greek DVD gespielt I wanna wake up and find ma way out from in between these dreams It's [Better] when we [Together] baby you look so pretty sleeping next to me But you never [Never Know] we feel so certain but we don't know a thing Simply when I wake up in the morning and I'm sitting in a sheet eating [Banana Pancakes] we made With all the [Good People] realy not so hard to find There is [No Other Way] When my mind is a mess will I think that it's best that we wait So I'm [Sitting, Waiting, Wishing] that you will believe some kind of superstitions baby then you could see If we [Staple It Together] and call it bad weather oh no no here I come Now here I come...

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