Freedom At 21 Testo

Testo Freedom At 21

Snoop Dogg dona 10 miloni di dollari ad un'app che spedisce marijuana a domicilio
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I'm so free I could shout
It's like you wouldn't believe
The world travels backwards
When I'm in it
So much so, that I'm free every minute
We are so free
It is good to be free
You melt the Quim and freeze the Vrooze

I'd shake it up, but it fizzes too much
Moby dick is a novel novel and I like skittles
Did you eat that bone?
I'm a happy rabbit and your mother called
On the telephone


Skit, skat, diddlely doo
Rockin' on the night with a gee gee goo
You can't match the broom handle
So don't come to Gimm
Just rip, rip, rip aside of him


Scarica la suoneria di Freedom At 21!
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