Bang Bang (Lil Kim Diss) Testo

Testo Bang Bang (Lil Kim Diss)

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
This is la Madrina, just call me ..,
Nowadays everybody wanna be blanco,
Guess I'm in name with them , but I ain't blamin' em
I laugh all these b*tches they ...
...soft girl, you f*ck with the real cocaine cow girl,
You ..she got it from me,
You know I'm good at men, cuz I always wanted get it for cheap,
Straight out of the ...
...slept on , ...and I'm hated for the same reasons that I'm loved,
They work in contradictions ..that's my own ...
Mamy make me smile, mother f*cker friend
And I won't let shits ... bang bang

...bang bang, .... bang bang, .... bang bang.

Me and b*tches Jackie Jackie, improvise more than any talented actress,
Seem to seem stress when I'm material,
F*ck patience ..meditation, any technical ...
Jackie resolve the blanco ...espanto
I don't allies, they call.. don't do emotions, they ...
I don't play games, don't play fair, I don't play victim, but I do play dare.
No mercy, love is ... the pain ..shame ..bang bang.

...bang bang, .... bang bang, .... bang bang.

Now .. tell these b*tches that Jackie is at ... my stomach,
If I ...don't blame mama don't want me on the streets
B*tches ain't trash, they ...come with monsters...
We got ...
We don't tolerate the haters shit clean ..on toes
..making desperate moves ...

Bang bang...bang bang, .... bang bang, .... bang bang.
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