Bang Bang (Lil Kim Diss) Testo

Testo Bang Bang (Lil Kim Diss)

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
This is la Madrina, just call me ..,
Nowadays everybody wanna be blanco,
Guess I'm in name with them , but I ain't blamin' em
I laugh all these b*tches they …
…soft girl, you f*ck with the real cocaine cow girl,
You ..she got it from me,
You know I'm good at men, cuz I always wanted get it for cheap,
Straight out of the …
…slept on , …and I'm hated for the same reasons that I'm loved,
They work in contradictions ..that's my own …
Mamy make me smile, mother f*cker friend
And I won't let shits … bang bang

…bang bang, …. bang bang, …. bang bang.

Me and b*tches Jackie Jackie, improvise more than any talented actress,
Seem to seem stress when I'm material,
F*ck patience ..meditation, any technical …
Jackie resolve the blanco …espanto
I don't allies, they call.. don't do emotions, they …
I don't play games, don't play fair, I don't play victim, but I do play dare.
No mercy, love is … the pain ..shame ..bang bang.

…bang bang, …. bang bang, …. bang bang.

Now .. tell these b*tches that Jackie is at … my stomach,
If I …don't blame mama don't want me on the streets
B*tches ain't trash, they …come with monsters…
We got …
We don't tolerate the haters shit clean ..on toes
..making desperate moves …

Bang bang…bang bang, …. bang bang, …. bang bang.
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