I've Come Undone Testo

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Testo I've Come Undone

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
I've nearly come undone
Cause I know there is something better
I done had my fun and I know
That I'll forget her

So maybe I was young
Too young, too young for promises
The wedding bells have rung,
And I ain't so proud of what I did

Oh no,
And I'm gonna be moving on
Turn on the radio
And your wind keeps blowin' on

I ain't ashamed to say
That I loved you the best I could
I think it's safe to say
That I must be misunderstood

But it's a lonesome song
My heart, my heart is filled with greed...
Tell my boy I was wrong,
But my daddy did the same old thing to me

And I'm gonna be moving on
Turn on the radio
And your wind keeps blowin' on

The things I used to do,
I just can't do them no more
The things I could forget
Are now the things I can't ignore

There's something on my mind
These thoughts, these thoughts I cannot kill
I keep the past behind,
and my feet can't stand to be standing still

and I'm gonna be moving on
turn on the radio
and your wind keeps blowin' on
and on and on
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