Judgement Day Testo

Testo Judgement Day

The poor man's soul is a diamond made of coal
He's trying every day to survive
He makes his way, through the night and through the day
Sayin: “don't it feel so good to be alive?”

Ah but I don't want to end up like him
For he's down on his knees every hour to pray
Sayin: “Lord, I been so good, just like I knew I should
So won't you free me on my judgement day?”

She speaks good French sitting pretty on the bench
But I know she's only after his Gold
She looks so fine, it's naturally a crime
But she complains that she's getting too old

So she tells her mama, that she's falling in love
With a rich man who can take her far away
But the Wheel of Time, make her change her mind
The hour on her judgement day

Now that girl of mine, she ain't the gentle kind
All she do is fuss, cuss and moan
Well I tried so hard, but it ain't in the cards
So I'll be leaving her alone

And if I'm right mama, you'll have to sing to me
But if I'm wrong then I won't be in your way
And if I find myself at the mercy of the law
Won't you free me on my judgement day?
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