Marigold Testo

Testo Marigold

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
So much depends on first loves and friends
legs for a table
and i painted my room
with judgments and doom
but i still ain't able to sleep
got to sleep
and dream up some dreams i can keep
oh my, my marigold, marigold

i was walking at dawn
when something turned on
but i couldn't name it
so i, i went back home
i did it alone
but i couldn't claim it
i tried, yes i tried
i tried honey i was denied
oh my, my marigold, marigold

well everything becomes much more meaningless
as time passes by
so i hide in the bedorom with strong curtains drawn
so i can't look the world in the eye

i heard you were well
i heard that you fell
back on your feet
well me, i'm still in fear
i planted her here
right in the street
to sleep, so she sleeps
and dreams with the orphans and freaks
oh my, my marigold, marigold

now talk, talk it is cheap
i talk in my sleep
i know what to say
i said, i said you were wise
to let go of my eyes
and push me away
and run, yes you run
you run honey nothing gets done
oh my, my marigold, marigold

but all that i've learned it must be a chemical change
after all i'm no different from the next twisted talker who's taking his lies to the grave

i wasn't myself
i was nobody else
that i couldn't be
like you were nobody too
to somebody who's exactly like me
so sleep, let her sleep
and dream up the dreams we can keep
oh my, my marigold, marigold
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