Reasons To Be Free (I Don't Owe You Nothing) Testo

Testo Reasons To Be Free (I Don't Owe You Nothing)

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Cry, cry, mud in your eye
Going through the reasons why
Doing anything to justify,
How it got this way

Diamond necklace, diamond rings
Oh how much more it stings
Watching you collect your things
And what you want to say

oh to say
yes you say

that I don't owe you nothing, though I never could tell
You don't need my loving, (you just get it from someone else)
I just want a reason to be free from you
yes I do

Too much time, and too much wine,
cut a hole in this heart of mine
But ill lie and say im feeling fine
Sleepin in my clothes

Now I could be right, I could be wrong
To think about you while I'm gone
Love just writes the saddest songs
And that's just how it goes

oh it goes
and it goes

i don't owe you nothing, i never could tell
that you don't need my loving (you just get it from someone else)
i just want a reason to be free from you
yes i do

now all this pain, I can't explain
it's like running out of cover in the pouring rain
it's like waving goodbye to a leaving train
that's moving down the track

and all I know when the day is done
you can't love just anyone,
it don't matter where they're going
or if they're ever coming back

coming back
they aint coming back
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