Seven Jealous Sisters Testo

Testo Seven Jealous Sisters

Tell me baby, tell me baby
what you want, honey what you want
well it's 95 miles between here and Mobile
and I ain't got nothing but time to kill
so tell me what you want

don't mistreat me, don't mistreat me
and I won't hurt you, I won't hurt you
you can love me fast you can love me long
you can love me all night or all day long
just don't mistreat me; honey don't

I'm gonna move out, I'm gonna move out
away from here, away from here
gonna build my house in the mud and sticks
just me, myself and the devil in a fix
gonna move out away from here

operator, operator
dial me Jesus! dial me Jesus!
now I been waiting so long, so patiently
I been waiting too long just to be set free
dial me jesus, dial him now!

sun is bleeding, sun is bleeding
on my head, on my head
they call me boy, they call me kid
but they don't understand a word I said
sun's bleeding on my head

take me home baby, take me home baby
let me be your other man
well I ain't good looking and I ain't too bright
but I can keep you busy in the middle of the night
so take me, and take me home!

seven sisters, seven sisters
are on my mind, they're on my mind
they all live apart and they don't ever speak
so I can have me one every day of the week
seven sisters are on my mind
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