What I Know Testo

Testo What I Know

Some time ago it occured to me
that the only thing that you get for free
is the smile on her face, when your foot
goes through the door

Cause what it is ain't what it seems
like the promises from magazines
and you say your plate is empty
but you never ask for more

What I know
I know, just can't save me now

But bless me father, cause' I'm the One
I got no sword, I got no gun
but when the day is said and done
I believe i'll still be here

And just because my eyes are down
don't mean that i can't look around
watch them smiles turn to frowns,
the laughs that turn to tears

What I know
I know, just can't save me now

Some folks like to have it all
I see it in my crystal ball
and some folks are just bound to fall
and others born to lose

So you can build your mansion
you can build your throne
but the more you have, the less you own
and soon your time is come and gone
and then you'll have to choose

What i know
I know, just can't save me now

Electronic men who supervise
and the cell talk and the super-size
has taken me by surprise and
i'm weary to the bone

And sometimes all i seem to see
is the Jukebox of Hypocrisy
Be not what you claim to be,
but you claim to be your own

What I know
I know, just can't save me now

You cannot advertise to me
I know you're lying, can't you see
Now, if you'll kindly exit my TV
I'll show you to the door

"save the coupons, save the cans"
I can't keep up with the demands
now my Babe is washed by Dirty Hands
and I can't take no more
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