Is It Him Or Me Testo

Testo Is It Him Or Me

You know girl
I work so hard trying to be
The man you wanted me to be
That even some of my oldest friends
Don't regognize me
They passed right by me on the street
But yesterday an old friend of yours
Came up to me and called me
By another name
Seems I reminded her so much
Of the man you used to love
She thought I was him
Now, we just ended up laughing
And how she's been mistaken
But after she left you know
It started me to think
People do some crazy things for love
And you changed me into a
Completely different man
Now I gotta know
Do you remind me of
Or who I am

Who do you love (do you love, do you love)
Who do you love (do you love, do you love)

I changed my whole life for you
Changed my attitude
Every thing I do

I gave up the friends I had
Traded in my wrap
I'm a different man

And now that I've become
Every thing you want
Tell me who do you love
Is it him or me

Who do you love (do you love, do you love)
Who do you love (do you love, do you love)

I gave away all my clothes
Bought the things you chose
Girl I sold my soul

Now I just a part be of
Who you used to love
Is this what you want

Girl you only know
Do I spin and go
Or am I be loved
Is it him or me

You took away my identity
You're telling me
You made a man out of me
When I look in the mirror
I can still see myself
But when you look at me baby
Are you seeing someone else

Is it him or me
When you look at me
Tell me who'd you see
Is it him or me

[Ad lib/chorus repeating]
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