Hallelujah Day Testo

Testo Hallelujah Day

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
allelujah DayHallelujah Day sing hallelujah, love is on its' way.It's coming to ya' children gather round now,clap your hands and sing.That old sun is shining down,soon the bells are gonna ring.Can't you see that ray of hope,somebody finally saw the light,they're gonna send our brothers home.It's gonna be all right yeahHallelujah Day sing hallelujah,love is on its way.It's coming to ya',Hallelujah Day, sing hallelujah,Hallelujah Day, sing hallelujah.People come together,let the good times roll.We can make this last for everif you feel it in your soal.Somebody found the key,somebody opened up the door,now there'll be dancing in the streets.This is the day we've been waiting for yeahHallelujah Day sing hallelujah,hallelujah day sing hallelujah.(ad lib)Ev'rybody get together,put your hands like this,sing along with The Jackson Five, yeahsinging hallelujah, singing hallelujah, yeah.Hallelujah Day sing hallelujah,love is on its way sing hallelujah.Hallelujah day sing hallelujah,hallelujah day sing hallelujah.

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