We Can Change The World Testo

Testo We Can Change The World

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
All for one and one for all is what we all should be. But instead we go and fight each other. Now, that wasn't meant to be. You know, the sun is there to light the day. The night is lit by the moon. If we don't come together, my brother, it all can end very soon. It's your world now. The furture is plain to see. (Sing it, yeah. Sing it, yeah, yeah, yeah.) Give love right now. We need the harmony. Some of us have a heart of stone and feel as cold as ice. Love can make a change in you, take a wrong and make things right. If you only knew how it was planned for life to really be, You would join in, you won't hesitate, you would help bring the harmony. God made this world for all souls. Why, tell me why so many obstacles? Hems the one, hems the only one that knows. He judges the heart before he saves the soul. We can change, we can change the world. Brothers, let's unite; come, let's make evmrything all right. We can change this world, help this world, oh. Everybody needs love. Turn it aloose; don't stop that love. You know it's time for wakin' up. It's your world now. The future is plain to see. Stop balking, let's get walking. To make wrong things right, it just don't happen overnight.

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