We Wreck All That Is Beautiful Testo

Testo We Wreck All That Is Beautiful

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
It's what you want now, but you can't have it all: it's time to raise the stakes. This time we wait again and again.

The reflection of all you are is in the water that runs from you and the reflection of all you want is in the water that flows to you. And what felt like a bad thing that you couldn't fix without a gun in your hand, it will still feel like shit. It will still feel bad.

Take me on a one-way trip to see that all of these times have been numbing. They burned all we've ever shaped and named all the ashes alone. Hands grown like a beggar's way; all of these times they've been waiting. Their queen will crown our king today, but let's end this once and for all. Tell all your days tonight will prove it's point when you're caving in. Be weary of thougts, it feels much worse now no-one is left alone. So get up and walk down this road, for you there's nothing left. And that is the problem when you finally wake up home alone.

Tell the children they'll keep everything. And save the children because they've got everything.

For once in your life, ignore the pain. We don't have no time to cover all the footsteps. Instead, tonight we burn this down, we burn down everything. Now these wounds grew and buried your head at dawn, but then you took my gun. Give it back before it kills you. In the water we look better.

For once in your life ,ignore the pain. We don't have no time to cover all the footsteps. Instead, tonight we burn the witch.

Finished lives, oh god, this ends tonight, she killed them all.
And then she told me she's got no regret.
And then she told me she kills tonight.

Save the children
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