One Sword, One Sway Testo

Testo One Sword, One Sway

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Some kings have their reasons,
they rely on Buddha or jesus, not me.
You tie your tongue into a knot,
try to tell people what's good and what's not,
for your greed!
News flash this is not your world.
Were gathering a storm.
It's ours for the taking.
You grow rich as we grow poor,
there's no justice anymore,
the world is ours to save.
One sword, one sway,
your blades no match for me.
One word, you say,
I'll take your crown today.
All of your treason,
divides the world into pieces, at a tea party.
You thought you would never get caught.
Don't you know the truth will set you free, not greed!
You've been sitting on that throne for way too long.
The gold has gotten too your head.
The crown sits upon your head for way too long.
The gold has gotten too your head.
So were comin' gunnin'!
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