Things Left Untold Testo

Testo Things Left Untold

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Baby don't dig yourself a rat hole,
'cause some things are better off left untold.

Always on a holiday
there's nothing left for us
to say.
Just say that you love me
and it'll be ok

If I'm in your neighborhood (many moons away),
knock on your door standing there I will be (yeah).
Runaway with me today (run away today).
Can you match my bravery?

Baby don't dig yourself this rat hole,
some things are better off left untold.

No matter what holiday
it is you celebrate
this never too late.
If you know that you love me,
I'm a telling everybody,

Bringing it back to make you feel relaxed
with melody and rhythm.
Follow these tracks face the facts,
get a clue how about some proof;
presenting this ism.

Back on this holiday,
we are all still with you,
No matter what they say
a true message we relay.

You've been my holiday
it was so worth the wait...
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