Down In Babylon Testo

Testo Down In Babylon

Chorus: It's getting deep down in Babylon / That's why they're running wild in the streets down in Babylon / Because ya know they're in it knee deep (waste deep, neck deep) down in Babylon / Down in Babylon it's getting deep /// 1st verse: Polytricksters pretend that they're helping Poor People but they're lyin' / Busynessmen content they do the same but they're barely even tryin' / A tiny raise in the minimum wage while the prices sky-highing / Those in power living well, getting fat while Poor People are dyin' / Can't you hear Jah Children cryin'? We're cryin' /// chorus /// bridge: They think they're in control but they don't know they're not - Oh / Too busy tryin' to keep a hold of what they got - Yo / And like a Missionary in a cannibal pot - No / They can't feel the heat until it's way too hot - So / Hand in the cookie jar and now they're caught - Oh / Honesty, Integrity what they forgot - Yo / Their hearts are full of wickedness and rot - So / They wanna rule the world and blame it all on God - No! /// 2nd verse: They use numbers and statistics to cook up their misinformation / It's brainwashing and propaganda but they call it education / Making money while pushing Poor People to the point of privation / Grabbing all that they can get without a thought for the good of the nation or future generations /// Chorus ///

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