Easy Vibe Testo

Testo Easy Vibe

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
1st verse /// Nice and slow, easy and mellow / That's the Rasta way to go, I and I tell the I so / I tell ya Babylon don't know, that's why they fret and worry so // I tell ya Babylon don't know, that's why they stress and toil so /// chorus: But Rasta keep an easy vibe, that's how I live my life / Mellow vibe, because it feels so nice / I need an upful vibe to keep I satisfied / Give me a positive vibe, positive vibe, positive vibe, positive vibe // 2nd verse: I may not have any money, no, but I don't have any worries / Despite the obstacles facing me , as you can see, I'm not in any kind of hurry / I can't let the downpressor man pressure me, displeasure me / I'll never be what they want from me, only be what Jah Almighty made me /// chorus /// 3rd verse: I can't let them stress me out, no, won't live my life in fear / I and I inhabit Jah Irie Ites, and Jah know there is no sorrow here / I can't let the downpressor man restrain me, detain me / It's plain to see that my brain is free while they languish in mental slavery /// chorus ///

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