Giving Thanks & Praise Testo

Testo Giving Thanks & Praise

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Intro: (Jahson Ites) Adrian Xavier, BlueJay, Essential I, More Life, More Love, More Light, bring it! / When I rise up in Jah Morning / Turn my eyes to the Queen at my side / Sight up my young Princess yawning / Give Thanks & Praise just for being alive /// A chorus x2: (Adrian Xavier) Giving Thanks for Jah King, Giving Thanks for Jah Queen / For all the Blessings they bring, for all the Blessings Jah bring /// B chorus: (Essential I & Jahson Ites) Giving Thanks & Praise in everything / We're Giving Thanks & Praises to Jah King and Jah Queen yo / Giving Thanks & Praise in everything / We're Giving Thanks & Praise and More Love we a bring yo / Giving Thanks & Praise in everything / We're Giving Thanks & Praise a make we chant and a sing out / Giving Thanks & Praise in everything / We're Giving Thanks & Praise and we say, Death where they sting? /// A chorus /// 1st verse: (BlueJay) Giving Thanks & Praises to Jah King Almighty / The One who picked me up and taught me how to live rightly / Just keep praying that His Light shine brightly / Through all the darkness please will you guide me / Take me in Your arms and forever hold me tightly / Always Stand Firm when Babylon try to slight me / See me on my knees praying daily and nightly a/ For Jah Love to keep growing inside me /// A chorus /// B chorus /// (Adrian Xavier) Chant and sing, sing and chant / 2nd verse: (Essential I) Much appreciation higher blessings from the Savior / Make we chant a prayer Life is Love, and Love is greater / Creator Jah Jah Blessed Father pass we through danger / Guide over I soul, Copilot, Navigator / Take we on a journey to the Kingdom of Jah / Man Wombman and Child all living in Love / Giving Thanks & Praises with the Music, my Lawd / We can all come Onegether and a sing along, ehhh /// A chorus /// B chorus /// 3rd verse: (Adrian Xavier) Sure as the sun that rise, sure as the sun that shine x2 / Chant dem, we chant dem a whole life long x2 / Chant & Sing, Sing and Chant x2 / Chant an we Sing, Chant an we Chant x2 /// A chorus ///

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