One Of These Days Testo

Testo One Of These Days

Chorus : One of these days somebody's gonna get even with you / That's not the sort of thing I'd do and anyway I've got no reason to / But someday your actions are gonna come back to haunt you / One day you're gonna cross a harder man who just can't control himself the way I can /// 1st verse: You lie to the people that love you - oh, the insincerity, how dare you act that way with me / I've been real with you from the beginning, now you look me straight in the eye and just tell another lie - why? / Cut that false dread from off of your head - don't be posing as a Rasta you weakheart imposta / 'Cause Jah Children can see through you and we see the wicked things you do when you think no one's watching you - remember /// chorus /// 2nd verse: You've been cheatin', deceivin', and now you've got good people believin' / You bring drama, scandal, falsehood, & derision - and then you try to cloak it in religion / All the while you're just causing more division 'cause your claims aren't backed up by the life that you've been livin' / I'm not kiddin', you should be quitin'; shouldn't shit in the community you live in /// chorus /// 3rd verse: Bountiful blessings is what Jah's commanding you - you gotta work hard for it, ain't nobody handin' you / Take an honest look at your life, see what Jah has planned for you / Put out some positive vibes, create demand for you / I know you're feeling lonely like we've all abandoned you / Believe it or not it's the same thing that we've all been through / so just tough it up do what an honest man would do / Just tough it up do what an honest wombman would too, 'cause /// chorus ///

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