Standing Firm Testo

Testo Standing Firm

Chorus: Standing Firm, brothers we must know and not believe / Be true to the higher truths we perceive / Standing Firm, Babylon can't make us fall / No matter how they try to bring us down we still stand tall / Standing Firm, sisters we must know and not believe / Be true to the higher truth we perceive / Standing Firm, Babylon can't bring us down / No matter how they try to make us fall we stand our ground /// 1st verse: I'm here to let the I in on a little secret / But you can tell your friends, you don't have to keep it / My very best advise, and this is just a free bit / Higher truth is present all ya gotta do is seek it / Zion high is the land to which we are going, yo / Eager to get there and I know that it's showing, yo / All in the same boat and we must keep rowing / No matter how high the seas or hard the wind blowing, yo / Destined for greatness, both you and I know it / Jah light is in you, all ya gotta do is show it / Big opportunity so man don'tcha blow it / With faith like a ganja seed Rasta grow it /// chorus /// 2nd verse: Confusion pressing down on you / Stooping your shoulders and forcing a frown on you / They think they got you now so tell me what you gonna do / Hold your head high, Rastafari trod on through / Illusion, can't you see it's deception / Clouding your mind and fogging down your perception / They're trying to temp you into their transgressions / Be strong, keep your conscious conception / Solution, emancipate yourself from mental slavery / Yeah, your life is a gift that's worth savoring / Whoa-oy Standing firm, never wavering / Show the weakhearts Rasta bravery /// chorus /// 3rd verse: Try and see that your life is like a battery / You've only got so much time and energy / Can't be wasting it on empty words and flattery / Got to build friendships and not be making enemies / Living peacefully, respecting each One equally / Love and Unity that's the way that we must be / Got no time for generating enmity / It's up to us to build a future only we can see / So don't fill your head with those Babylon vibrations / Don't poison your mind with their downful libations / Your mind deserves liberation / So check this information, get with Rasta livication /// chorus ///

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