That's Rastafari Testo

Testo That's Rastafari

1st verse: Living in a simple way ya lead and Ital life / You keep your spirit clear of fear and keep ya heart free from strife / Always respect Jah Structure, make no cut no trim no slice / That's Rastafari / Eat the Blessings of the earth all clean natural food / Keep a level vibe be sure ya always doing good / Giving Thanks and Praise like Marcus Garvey say ya should / That's Rastafari / Downful things all pass away, ya fill ya heart with love / Open up ya mind to good vibrations from above / Always Standing Firm even when push comes to shove / That's Rastafari / 'Though the world in darkness InI shine Love and Light / Fight for Peace and Justice, forwarding in Truth and Rights / Opening the Higher Eye to give Jah Iyasight / That's Rastafari /// chorus x2: So a, put up ya One if ya love Rastafari / If ya Giving Thanks & Praises so High / Let me see ya hand if ya Love Jah Queen and King / Giving Thanks & Praises every day in everything / 2nd verse: Never let them fight ya down and never let you falter / Never sacrifice your life upon dem devil's alter / Chanting Praises daily from Jah Hymnal and Jah Psalter / That's Rastafari / Never looking back the narrow track is ever forward / Nice ya Heavens up, ya brimming cup is fill with Jah Word / Always blazing bright you shine Jah Light into Jah World / That's Rastafari / Don't ya lag behind, say no more skylarking nor stalling / see that all around you downful Babylon is falling / Even through the chaos you can hear Creator calling / Rastafari / Be humble to be blessed and be righteous in ya runnings / Ever moving forward, never stopping, never doneing / Infinitely Loving as Jah Planet keeps on turning / Rastafari /// chorus x2 ///

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