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Testo Warmonger

Chorus : Warmonger, I'm here to tell you, we don't like you and we don't like what you do / We don't want you fighting war no more, we don't want you killing the poor anymore (x2) /// 1st verse: How could you think that we'd let you get away with this? / Human life ain't a thing you can just play with / Conscious People got something to say about this / Do unto others man, live and just let live / Jah Jah Love is the way we must all get with / So we can make that brighter day where we all coexist / Got to do more than just smile and think positive / We've got to wake up and live it up, can't give it up /// 1st bridge: People of the World are waking up / Systems shaking up, some of them breaking up / Higher Reality we're making up / While your still taking sup from the devil's tainted cup /// chorus /// bridge: All you so-called leaders, all you do is lead us astray / But Conscious People are working Onegether to build that brighter day / We've had enough of your killing and fightin, it's time we're uniting we say / People of the World wanna see the end of you and your wicked ways you /// chorus /// 2nd verse: What were you thinking when you started this unGodly war? / And just what have you convinced yourself the fighting's for? / Wickedness of this sort Conscious People can't support / Your dirty, deadly, downful dealings we can ill afford / When that bill domes due you're gonna come up short / I hope you find yourself before an international court / To answer for your eagerness to use the last resort / You didn't have to start this war, George /// 2nd chorus: People of the World can't stand for this / We're demanding this, you must abandon this / Damn plan you have of grabbing land hand and fist / If you won't cease and desist then the People must insist /// chorus ///

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