Gasoline Testo

Testo Gasoline

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Gasoline - jan jakob

you know
an engine is constructed to go on gasoline
possibly the engine breaks
if you give it diesel

you know
a human heart is constructed to go on god
possibly the heart will break
if it goes on something else
cause a human heart is his design

we sat in a small tidy bar
drinking white beer in a jar
talkin` chitchattin` `bout this `n that
when simon raised his voice

“tell me buddies:
what is luck ?”

“well, hmm, interesting
luck is party
luck is friends
luck is family
luck`s romance
the concentration on yourself
luck is money

“i tried on money - money is allright
and then party - somehow left me unsatisfied
my health - faces cancer
buddha - had no answer
my wife - fucked another
friends - went undercover

the concentration on myself
is a concentration on a mess
my family is bunch of hatred”
somebody says: “just enjoy the moment”
“the moment is shit
so do you know what luck is?
at least a bit? 
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