Stranger Testo

Testo Stranger

Stranger, it seems that you have wandered
A long way from home
Away from all
the things you know.
Still I wonder how long you will run for
And chase
Stealing all that time that you will pay for.

Only you and only
Can save you from all these things.

Time, it cuts you like a
And it bleeds you dry,
Leaving you all empty inside.
And the
Well it makes you pay for
All of your crimes and
All those silly
times you have lied through

Only you and only you
Could ever change the
way you cover up you...

I will watch you drown, I will let you sink,
you out to sea, send you without a line.
I can't help you here, I can't guide
you in
Only the waves that come, could ever help you now
I can't help you
now, I won't help you now
I can't help you now, I will let you drown
you see...
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