Throwback Testo

Testo Throwback

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
Will it be Lakers or the Astroids size extra long with the white tee on or will I sport the Rams while I hold your hand I'm feelin lost should I wear the HawksGirl, I'm undecided should I wear the Giants red, white, andblue cuddle under you tickets on admission to G-fly or should I wear the Pistons, Oh my


It won't be long I'll be there real soon I'm on my way I got my throwback corn rows on swoll and they tight like wo
I'm on my I got my throwback on [x2]
Girl, I can't wait to get you all along smell your insent perfumegot me all into you Will I be in the San Diego Patros when you wored the dress like J-loI wanna know I gotta know, Will there be ones on my feet to match the Hardaway Heat will you dress to impress wearing that throwback dress can't fight this feelin (Oh no)Go to go with San Antonio fa sho


I got my throwback on with my pants sanging low That's the kind of guy I am baby

[Chorus: until song fade away]