The Book Testo

Testo The Book

Here's the book, here's the book I was looking for
It's the one that you said I should ignore
Here's the song, it's the song I used to sing
Long before you came and changed everything
I've found more ground where my feet can stand
After the storm nearly drowned me
And I see clearly what I never could understand
Now that you're not around me
Here's the choice, it's the choice I never made
All because, just because I was afraid
And here's the chance and here's the time I never took
Along with the song was the choice and the chance and the time
And of course the book....
Here's the truth, it's the truth you couldn't tell
And all the lies, the crooked lies you told so well
But now I know that I will not be deceived
Love will save me, love will save me, this I do believe
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