What We Want Testo

Testo What We Want

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Words & music by Jason Mraz

I'm older than I look I see the man staring at my ID
He reads my face and studies lines no plagiarizing
No copyright. I'm right before your very eyes
When you say my name I'm suddenly I'm young again
Young as he thinks I am.

All the words that I hoped you'd say were stated right there in the cafe
We stayed out late and spoke of the worlds perfections
This perfect date was headed in the right direction
Conversation break, we spoke more in the silence
We got a little lot of what we want

What we want.

I'm so in love finally.
I waited patiently for all of my life.
It happened overnight.
We spoke more in the silence
We got a little lot of what we want.
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