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0% Interest
1,000 Things
10,000 Motherfuckers
1000 Things
3 Things
93 Million Miles
93 Millions Miles
A Beautiful Mess
A World With You
Absolutely Zero
After An Afternoon
All I Want For Christmas Is Us
All I Want For Christmas Is Us (Feat. Tristan Prettyman)
All That Lies
Back To The Earth
Ballad Of Flo'z Kid
Be Honest
Beauty In Ugly
Bella Luna
Best Friend
Boy's Gone
Bright Eyes
Burning Bridges
Childlike Wild
Common Pleasure
Conversation With Myself
Coyotes (Album Version)
Curbside Prophet
Dead End
Details In Fabric
Details In Fabric (feat. James Morrison)
Details In Fabric (with James Morrison)
Did I Fool Ya?
Did You Get My Message
Did You Get My Message?
Dream Life Of Rand McNally
Dreamlife Of Rand Mcnally
Everything Is Sound (la La La)
Fine Dining
Frank D Fixer
Freedom Song
Geek In The Pink
Halfway Home
Hello, You Beautiful Thing
Hey Love
I Melt With You
I Won't Give Up
I´m Yours
I'll Do Anything
I'm Yours
I'm Yours (version 2)
I´m yours
If It Kills Me
In Your Hands
It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Keep On Hoping [feat. Raul Midon]
La Nueva Belleza
Life Is Wonderful
Little You & I
Little You And I
Little You&i
Live High
Living In The Moment
Long Drive
Love For A Child
Love Is Real
Love Someone
Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)
Lucky Featuring Colbie Caillat (Album Version)
Make It Mine
Mr. Curiosity
Mudhouse / Gypsy Mc
No Doubling Back
No Stopping Us
No Stopping Us (Live)
Not So Unusual
O. Lover
Older Love Undercover
Older Lover
On Love In Sadness
On Love, In Sadness
Only Human
Out Of My Hands
Please Don't Tell Her
Prettiest Friend
Remedy (I Won't Worry)
San Disco Reggaefornia
Sleep All Day
Sleeping To Dream
So Unusual
Song For A Friend
Stranger In The Sky
Summer Breeze
That'll Do
The Beauty In Ugly
The Beauty In Ugly (Übersetzung)
The Boy's Gone
The Darkest Space
The Dynamo Of Volition
The Freedom Song
The Joker Mash-up With Everything I Own
The Remedy
The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
The Right Kind Of Phrase
The Woman I Love
The World As I See It
Tonight Not Again
Tonight, Not Again
Too Much Food
Try Try Try
What Mama Say
What We Want
When We Die
Who I Am Today
Who Needs Shelter
Who's Thinking About You Now?
You & I Both
You And I Both
You Can Rely On Me
You Get Me High
You Make Me Hight (Spinning)