My President Is Black (Freestyle) Testo

Testo My President Is Black (Freestyle)

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Roc Nation..Wat Up??
Corporate Thuggin..Wat Up??

My President is Black
My Maybach too...
and I'll be godamned if my diamonds ain't blue
My money's dark green
and my porshe's light grey
I'm headed for D.C. anybody feel me.

My president is black, in fact he's half even in the racist minds he's half right.
If you have a racist mind you'll be alright. My president is black but his house is all white.
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk, Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run, Barack Obama ran so the all children could imma spread my wings you could meet in the sky.
I already got my own clothes, already got my own shoes. I was hot before Barack imagine what I'm gon do. Hello Miss America, hey pretty lady. Red, white and blue flag wave for me baby.
Never thought I'd say this shit baby im good. You can keep your puss..I dont want no more bush. No more war, no more iraq, no more white president is black.
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