Super Ugly Testo

Testo Super Ugly

Verse1: I got myself a gun Brooklyn, stand up I got myself a gun but really, I dont need tha heat ya heart pump project kool-aid(ya sweet) I aint gotta two-way you gays this is not beef/this is rap hommie/i dont have a scratch on me you feel Jay soft/rip jay off/damn im only worth over a hundred million look/i got beef with like a hundred children niggaz with pink suits/tryin to get cute you a little outta line hommie/dont let the 9 hommie/ put ya out ya mind hommie/bitch keep tryin hommie kick yo little lies/ i kick my real facts like u sneakin out tha back/ at tha Source Soundlab(uh) we wasnt chasin you/we had a tape and too/we came through to do our little one, two thang It wasnt a rockafella come through thing/if it was on like that/why would i come through Queens Yo, ya'll Queens nigga know how I do/ i got mo' shooters in Queens Bridge than u Niggaz'll(niggaz will) tie you up on the Colloseum roof/and open beer bottles off ya boy's chipped tooth Look Here, Chorus: I got myself a gun,Uh Ohhhh! Yea, I got myself a gun Verse 2: Listen/Im tha J,tha A, tha ? This nigga never sold asprin/ how u escobar? had to buy you're chain back tha last time u hot robbed/the nerve of this coward nigga....(Oh My God) and all rap rumors are induendo/I bring them to you live/lift up ya window Let tha public begin to see your dirty laundry/ya'll dont want me to continue(Oh!)Super Ugly (Jay-Z Laughing) (Nas Voice:) I dont give a fuck All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me she aint playin/believe what im sayin Verse 3: Me and tha boy A.I.* got more in Common* than just ballin and rhymin Get It?/More in COMMON I came in ya Bentley backseat/skeeted in Jeep/left condoms in tha baby seat Here nigga/tha gloves is off/the love is done/its whateva, wheneva, howeva/nigga "1" And since you infatuated with sayin tha gay shit/yes u was kissin my dick when u was kissin that bitch/crazy bitch you thought i was boning her back/called a hundred times ,while i was boning her neck You got a baby by that broad/you cant disown her yet when does ya lies end?/when does the truth begin? when does reality set it?/or does it not matter gotta hurt that im ya baby mama's favorite rapper and ask your current girl/she know whats up/ holla at a real nigga (Nas Voice:) I dont give a fuck All I really know is that yo hoe wants to be with me she aint playin/believe what im sayin

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