Playing Games Testo

Testo Playing Games

the first time's not the last time
you carry on for nothing
if nothing feels right, it's all alright, 'cause its all the same to me
the same line all the right times
you push yourself for something
when nothing works out, it's all about all the things you should have been

and right now
i'm finding out
i'm leaving now
i won't waste my time
with a hand that's not mine

fire away
we're drifting the same
my mind in the clouds for miles now
i feel stupid 'cause i feel uselass
and still the same
time is time
it's always changing
all my life's been ruled by reason
i've been on ice for nights
and still the same

an unwanted escape has left me better and ashamed
of all the tings i see surrounding me
im not here to play this game

i'm not running away

i'm still waiting, nothing's changing
(you've got to give up)
if you're weighing what you're saying
(you've got to give it up)
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